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III Community Registry Roadmap

III Community Registry Roadmap

Based on ‘Forging the III Community registry‘ doc, and III June Report

June Tasks

  • [comms/LE] create and maintain ‘data map’ of data, tools, methods and locations

    • invite collaboration on this from the mailing list (incorporate some fields from Adam’s checklist) -> perhaps send out a form? or maybe it’s nice for people to see each others’ while editing

    • create a plan for how each of these might fit into a sample dataverse workflow

    • categorise and summarise potential data layers

  • map and follow up on proposed initiatives from last III meeting

    • who might be interested in collaborating on what

    • define and contact ‘sub-groups’ from the mailing list (these could possibly be self-selecting, potentially disciplinary or related to different initiatives)

  • gathering existing interviews and responses

    • having a version of the form that we use ourselves

  • find+share examples from within the community of good data/tool/method-sharing practices

    • Overview (from chats w/ Matt + Osmat + Bron)

    • interview+profile (some of) these people:

      • Osmat @ Lens Lab [already profiled]

      • Bronwyn H Hall

        • data sharing practices

        • making new standards / what would good standards look like

        • changing practices

        • interview about data sharing

        • what holds people back? what would help?

        • how to better serve non-western and non-english-speaking knowledge and scholarship:

          • what are the limitations of the patent system?

          • how to encourage/encode different systems

      • Phil Durbin [profiled - SJ]

        • dataverse

        • tools

        • integration

      • Michael Färber

        • tools

        • how to publish and containerize tools

      • Lisa Cook

        • better metrics and representation

        • better versions of the patent system

        • use this opportunity to encode different practices

      • Mercè Crosas

        • dataverse

        • standards

        • what do you need as well as standards

      • Adam B Jaffe

        • reasoning behind III

        • what do economists really want?? what should they want?

      • Laura Edwards

        • III map and current status

      • James Weis

        • Scaling Science plans + summary (poster/paper)

        • speak to about PatCit and combining different patent datasets

        • could be a good test case for bringing a bunch of layers together

      • Matt Marx [profiled - SJ/LE]

        • containerising, layering

        • integrating with relianceonscience

        • challenges of making platforms and flows like this

      • Martina Iori

        • how do you see the field changing

        • what tool would you like to use

        • getting younger economists involved

      • Gaétan de Rassenfosse [profiled - LE]

        • tools

      • Heidi L. Williams

        • outreach and pedagogy

        • changing data practices —>

      • Bhaven N Sampat

        • tools

        • ideas for initiatives

        • people to reach out to / ways to extend the platform

      • Elizabeth Ruth Perlman

        • how to ensure initiatives get sustained and developed

  • explore dataverse + zenodo workflows + API

  • sketches (‘fanfics’) for I3 registry pages on R1

  • gather checklists and methods from the community: what is the default workflow? What needs to be added to make things useful?

    • generate sketches of workflow from outreach/existing models

July Tasks

  • testing integration of submission workflow with Dataverse

    • generating prefilled workflows

  • Finalise of workflow + expanding narrative

    • use checklists/standards/recommendations from community

  • send out sample workflows to III members for feedback

August Tasks

  • full integration with dataverse

  • Generate case studies within the framework

  • inviting submission of data from participants

    • reaching out to grad students/early career academics

  • Investigating integration with the underworld

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