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2019 Technical Working Group Meeting

Published onDec 13, 2019
2019 Technical Working Group Meeting

December 6-7, 2019 Cambridge, MA | Edit these notes
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Adam B. Jaffe, MIT: Introduction to I³

Initial data construction projects

Samuel J. Klein, MIT: Prior Art + Open Innovation Metrics

Osmat Azzam Jefferson, QUT and A Public Innovation Dataverse

Matt Marx, BU: Toward a Complete Set of Patent References to Science

Gaétan de Rassenfosse, EPFL: Linking Products to Patents

Panel discussions


Chair: Bronwyn H. Hall, UC Berkeley + NBER

Lia Sheer, Duke University: The Role of Company Names and Ownership Changes in the Dynamic Reassignments of Patents

Deyun Yin, WIPO:
Challenges and Solutions in the Construction of Chinese Patent Database (paper)

Lisa D. Cook, Michigan State and NBER:
Race, Ethnicity, and Patenting: USPTO’s New Data Collection Effort

Text Analysis

Chair: Samuel J. Klein

Martina Iori, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies: The Complexity of Knowledge

Mitsuru Igami, Yale University: Mapping Firms' Locations in Technological Space (paper)

Jeffrey M. Kuhn, UNC: Applications of Textual Similarity to Measure Construction and Evaluation

Dominique Guellec, Observatoire des Sciences et Techniques: Novelty and Impact

Other Patent Data Endeavors & Complementarity with I³

Chair: Osmat Azzam Jefferson

Gaétan de Rassenfosse: PatStat overview
Andrew Toole, USPTO
Ian Wetherbee, Google: On BigQuery

Wrap-up: Goals, Mission and Priorities for I³

Chair: Adam B. Jaffe

Bronwyn H. Hall, UC Berkeley + NBER
Elisabeth Ruth Perlman, Bureau of the Census
Bhaven N. Sampat, Columbia + NBER
Heidi L. Williams, Stanford + NBER

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