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Spring 2021 Data Sharing Workshops

Published onMar 01, 2021
Spring 2021 Data Sharing Workshops

In Spring 2021, the Innovation Information Initiative is hosting a series of moderated discussions on data-sharing types, best practices and guidelines, moderated by members of the community.



  • Community refinement and buy-in on data-sharing guidelines (draft of these here)

  • Dissemination of research that highlights novel and/or exemplary data sharing practices

  • Contribution to and refinement of the I3 Community Dataset Catalog

  • Facilitate dissemination and discovery of new and notable datasets in the community

Each workshop will be held twice to accommodate a range of timezones. Discussion between the two workshops will be managed through collaborative notes hosted on PubPub, and future sessions will be publicised here, and via our listserv.

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