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Exploring impact metrics

Published onSep 14, 2020
Exploring impact metrics

Scaling Science Explore is a tool for exploring different measures of the impact of an article. It currently is running over papers in a single subdiscipline. Feedback is welcome.

Available metrics

Focusing on citations of a given paper

  • Citations

  • Impact (node centrality in the citation graph)

Focusing on the authors (averaged over all authors / first author)

  • h-index

  • Total author citation count (per paper, per year)

  • Author experience (years since first publication)

Focusing on coauthors

  • # of Recent coauthors

  • Coauthor pagerank (in coauthorship graph)


  • Total journal citation count


  • What other metrics do people regularly use to track and estimate impact?

    • There are some graph-wide measures that require the context of a full citation graph rather than the local vicinity of what points to or is pointed to by a document.

  • What policy questions hinge on these or other metrics?

  • For a given measure, how else might it be aggregated? (averaging across journals, contexts, networks, timescales)

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