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Intro to Git/Github

Homepage for I3 intro to git workshops

Published onNov 17, 2021
Intro to Git/Github

This is part of the Fall 2021 Technical Skills Workshops, organised by the Innovation Information Initiative, and open to the wider innovation research community.

This workshop is based on materials developed by the Carpentries, specifically Introduction to Git, and Version Control with Git. Each session will be 2 hours in length, and will cover the same material. Note that this is an interactive session, and requires a small amount of preparation but no prior knowledge of the material. To attend any of these sessions, please send a note to Agnes Cameron, [email protected].


  • Thursday Nov 18th, 10am EST / 3pm UTC
    notes | zoom

  • Tuesday Nov 23rd, 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm UTC
    notes | zoom

  • Monday Nov 29th, 3pm PST / 7am Beijing / 10am Sydney

Session Plan:


  1. What is version control?
    -> learning the difference and the relationship between git (the software) and GitHub (the platform). (based on these notes)

  2. Using the Github interface to collaborate
    -> editing a file with others, adding files, adding folders. (based on these notes)

  3. Setting up git on your computer
    -> configuring your computer’s git environment (based on these notes), and creating an SSH key that will allow you to connect to your Github account online (based on these notes)

  4. Creating a local git repository, and linking it to an online repository
    -> creating a new folder from the command line, staging, making and pushing commits. Creating a new remote repository using Github. (based on these notes)

  5. (extension) Collaboration between local and remote
    Using git pull to synchronise versions, using the log to track changes, moving between versions.

What is git, what is Github?
Using Github to collaborate, add and edit files
Setting up git, and creating a Local Repository
Connecting a Local Repository to a Github Repository
Tracking Changes

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