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History Workshop 12/02

I³ Fall Workshops, #5

Published onNov 01, 2020
History Workshop 12/02

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Part 5 of the 2020 I³ Fall Workshops series.

December 2, 2020, 1200-1330 ET. Register to participate (via Zoom)


Mike Andrews: Identifying Patentees through U.S. History by Linking Patent Records to FamilySearch

Historical Patent Datasets: A Practitioner's Guide - Mike Andrews
This compares several historical datasets that are available.

Comprehensive Universe of U.S. Patents (CUSP): Data and Facts - Enrico Berkes This describes version 2.0 of the CUSP patent dataset.
We are building version 3.0, which we will describe in the talk.

Dan Gross: Research on historical innovation with archival and other non-USPTO data sources

Tania Babina: Patents, entrepreneurship and the Great Depression



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