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ML + data analysis roadmap

Published onJun 01, 2021
ML + data analysis roadmap

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General templates

  • Building an overview

    • Index; Concordance

    • Sources; Outputs; Pipelines

    • Registry; Services/endpoints

  • Self-documenting work

    • Roadmap

    • Daily log

    • Weekly chat (Thurs)

Explore: Scaling Science + Grants

  • Current explorer:

    • Description, JJ’s roadmap

    • Ideal use cases

    • Index: Metrics + implementations

    • ?Product: Lens-like API for a wide range of metrics. host for computing open metrics on open data

    • ?Product: OWID-style source of citable visuals

    • Dataset product: metrics by year, indexed to [SSID]

  • Current Grants framework

    • Index: Parallels + partners

    • ?Product (site): catalog of vetted but unfunded grant proposals

    • ?Dataset product: citation/coauthor graph? for grants

    • Viz product: visualizations of Lever/SOLVE proposal networks

Open academic graph

  • MAG and what comes next

  • Derivative / supplemental datasets we can contribute to the OAG

  • Use cases

  • Dataset product: concordance of components + derivatives

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