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Lens Lab + University Partners

An Open Cooperative for Global Innovation knowledge discovery and mapping

Published onJul 14, 2020
Lens Lab + University Partners

Lens Lab

MIT and Lens are developing a portal to the Lens that highlights an institution-specific dashboard, as a prototype for increasing access to and use of Lens data and analytics. (see the public datasets from Lens)

University Partners: improved access to open data

For Universities, Research and/or Educational Institutions, and Libraries


We are building a cooperative membership model for universities and libraries that provides access to open scholarly + patent data on a free, open, privacy-protecting platform. This will reduce dependence on data silos, and improve discovery and cooperation. 

Cooperative Members will have access to the services below, built on open data, and the ability to influence Lens service development and data ingestion. This model will also help support maintenance and cloud costs.

Cooperative Membership includes the following services:

  • Collections of Institutional scholarly and patent work

  • High volume access to the Lens Scholarly API for all users on the Institution’s IP network, w/ negotiated quotas per user. 

  • Bulk data dumps including:

    • All Lens Scholarly Works records in the institution’s collections

    • All biblio metadata fields available through the Lens Scholarly API

  • Membership in a Cooperative Advisory Group that helps inform future feature development

Technical Annex

  • The base level API access will include: 

    • 10,000 API requests per month 

    • 20 API requests / minute

    • Up to 1,000 records per request

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