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Published onSep 30, 2020

PatentCity ( is a novel and comprehensive dataset on the location of inventors of assignees of patents filed in Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States of America since the 19th century. 

We are committed to make the dataset publicly available under an open access license in the coming months. In the meantimes, a representative sample of the data is available for online exploration on the project website for Great Britain and Germany. Go to the project website and click on the map under the “Explore” section. 

Project updates will be sent through the project newsletter.

The methodology is described in our preliminary data focus, available online.  

Feel free to share!

  • A. Bergeaud, Banque de France and CEP 

  • C. Verluise, Collège de France and PSE

The location of patentees filing in Great britain, 1893-1980


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