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I3 Datathon 04/28

Contribute to the I3 dataset catalog

Published onMar 03, 2021
I3 Datathon 04/28

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Do you have a favourite dataset or data source, one you think is underrated, one you find interesting or hard to work with, or perhaps one you wish existed but doesn't? 

We are hosting a session during which members are invited to contribute to the I3 Essential Dataset Catalog. This catalog will serve as the initial basis for a searchable web-based index of linked open datasets, hosted and maintained by the I3.

During this session, I3 members will contribute short (3-5min) talks on datasets they use, or are interested in, which may not be well-known to the community. Contributions welcome!

Session Details


This session is part of the I3 Spring 2021 Data Sharing workshop series.


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