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I3 Datathon 04/28

Contribute to the I3 dataset catalog

Published onMar 03, 2021
I3 Datathon 04/28

As part of our Spring 2021 Data Sharing Workshop Series, we are hosting a hands-on session for community members to come together, share methods, contribute to shared repositories, and discuss plans for a data collaborative. This is an open workshop, and a great time to invite graduate students, colleagues from other departments/institutions, and collaborators from outside of academia. 

If you are interested in attending this session, please fill out this brief google form before Friday April 16th, so we can gauge interest in various sessions/topics. You are not bound to these choices (and we will update the list as suggestions come in) but it will give us a rough count.

Session Details

The session will be held on Zoom at 12pm EST on Wednesday, April 28th. (registration link to follow)

A parallel session will be held at 6am UTC / 4pm ACT / 2pm Beijing time


The workshop will open with a 10-minute intro to plans for the I3 Essential Patent Datasets Catalog, currently housed here. Attendees are invited to contribute datasets to the sheet directly, to edit existing entries, and to add placeholders for datasets they wish existed but aren’t aware of. 

After that, the session will split into topical breakout groups, each led by a member of the I3 community. Sessions will be hands-on, themed around different topics in data sharing, and about an hour in length.

At the end of the session, we will return for a closing discussion.

Propose a session

If you have a method or practice you want to share, please propose a session! The only requirement is that the workshop should involve making things and solving problems together.  If there is enough interest, we may run brief how-to sessions in advance of the datathon.

Current sessions include:

  • Using GitHub as a data-sharing platform  (Cyril Verluise)

  • Adding datasets to the Harvard Dataverse  (Agnes Cameron)

    • Bring a dataset you maintain to upload! (can be a reference URL)

  • Entity resolution and reconciliation


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