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Intro to Python for Data Analysis

Published onNov 25, 2021
Intro to Python for Data Analysis

This is part of the Fall 2021 Technical Skills Workshops, organised by the Innovation Information Initiative, and open to the wider innovation research community.

This is an introduction to the Python programming language, and does not require any prior programming experience. This workshop is based on materials developed by the Carpentries, specifically Data Analysis and Visualisation with Python for Social Scientists. As this will be a shortened version of a longer workshop, we will aim to cover around the first 1/3 of this material. Full details below.


  • Wednesday Dec 1st, 10am EST / 3pm UTC

  • Thursday Dec 2nd, 3pm PST / 7am Beijing / 10am Sydney


  1. What is Python?
    Examining the Python interpreter, Jupyter notebooks, looking at the advantages of using Python in different contexts. (based on these notes)

  2. Basic operations in Python
    Variables, values, arithmetic and structured data types. Using the Jupyter environment. (based on these notes)

  3. Control structures in Python
    Repeating actions and automating tasks. (based on these notes)

  4. Processing data from a file
    Reading and writing datasets from files, accessing contents. (based on these notes)

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