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Feedback from 2019 Workshop Attendees

Published onDec 22, 2019
Feedback from 2019 Workshop Attendees

A. General requests and updates

  • For infrequent updates about III, write to Adam to be added to our list.

  • Give feedback on the Lens API: take a survey of new features you want.

  • Share suggestions of other fields with great practices for documentation or provenance: Law (citation precision), Astronomy (observational density)

B. Do you have have datasets to share?

From Matt Marx:

  • Worldwide citations from patents to scientific articles, front page and (beta) body-text:

From the Lens Lab:

From the KFG:
(move to Zenodo for now)

  • 40 metrics applied to 8M bio articles (journals only, 1700-2018)

From Gaétan de Rassenfosse:

From Google:

C. What do you need for your research?

  • Regular data snapshots w/ Identifiers, not APIs, for reproducibility.

  • Access to something like BigQuery for running queries on large datasets without ever transferring them

  • Ground truth / training datasets (e.g., disambiguation)

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