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Data Sharing Workshop 03/03

Moderated community discussion of data sharing guidelines and hurdles

Published onMar 01, 2021
Data Sharing Workshop 03/03

We are kicking off the Spring 2021 Data Sharing Workshop series with a discussion on data-sharing practices, guidelines, and barriers to access!

Timing and topics

Time: Wednesday, March 3rd, at 12:00 - 13:30 EST
Topics: Choosing a repository, using Dataverse, simplifying archiving,
linking to other datasets, schema reconciliation, and open questions.
Moderators Sam Klein & Agnes Cameron, Special guest Phil Durbin

Datasharing Workshop for Innovation (I3 workshop)

A second session, for Asia/Australasia timezones, was held the following day, Thursday March 4th, at 8:30pm EST, hosted by Kyle Higham. Attendees to the follow-up session are invited to submit questions for the first group in advance.


For this session, notes are being taken in a shared Google Doc. Questions recorded in these notes after the second session will be forwarded to the presenters.

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