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Forging the III community registry

Published onJun 05, 2020
Forging the III community registry

Related initial goals

~ A public archive for gathering + hosting [comprehensive] patent data
~ community space for an associated research collaborative
connecting a community of scholars through shared methods + collaboratively refined data.

~ Hosted data: patent data, citation graphs, related code, models,
metrics [and services] needed to share data and reproduce work
~ Traces for: free licenses, alignment of any IDs w/ public Wikidata + LensIDs.
~ Traces for: keeping data up to date [maintainers + maintenance tempo / process]

~ Published guides for using the data [related scaffolding + pubs!]
~ Convening researchers to build awareness + share methods [NBER in person; what do we do now online?]


  • Track + update the members (+ list) with interesting topics

    • {currently we just have a new mailman list}

  • Gather stories from past talks / from socializing around regular meetings [July NBER Innovation meeting, next Technical Workshop this fall, other]

  • Coordinate w/ community leads w/in subgroups: (econ research: UCSD; law researchers: ?)


  • Explore the current work + associated data of III members

  • Write people w/ interesting work + ask about their past data [+ how to move up the ladder of accessibility to Full Ax]


  • Design an interface for taking in a (new, old) paper and suggesting how to store + share its data

    • take in: existing checklists, options, recommendations

    • generate: prefilled workflows, basic integration
      [w, e.g.: dataverse, zenodo, R1]

  • Done well, this is what every grad student will associate w/ the initiative😅 


  • Design of the III registry (css for the subset of R1, or other landing page)

  • Narrative + rabbit hole: inspiration to register your data in the first place!

    • Pointers to Matt M’s / Mercedes’s / other writing

    • perhaps speak to Kevin Hu — though want a sufficiently interesting ground layer first (Dietmar Offenhuber also)


Bronwyn, Matt, Lens Lab

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