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2020 workshop series

Published onSep 20, 2020
2020 workshop series


  1. Please share papers + slides/outlines 1 week in advance, so we can circulate

  2. All presenters from all dates + steering committee will be ‘panelists’, all are welcome to participate as viewers + ask questions via chat or email

  3. 20 min. per presenter, followed by 30 min. of open discussion.

  4. Adam will moderate, calling on panelists and contribute questions from the larger audience submitted via chat or email in advance

  5. Sessions will be recorded and links to notes and recordings posted below. (NTS: get email acceptance of this from all panelists)

Linguistics — October 28, 2020

Nancy Kong Linguistic metrics for patent disclosure
Jonathan Astor Linguistic similarity in patents
Ryan Whalen Patent similarity

Citations — November 4, 2020

Matt Marx Patent/paper linkages; documentation and reliability
Cyril Verluise Comprehensive database of citations; in-text and citations to non-standard sources
Osmat Jefferson Lens Lab

Geography — November 11, 2020

Antonin Bergeaud PatentCity : The geography of innovation since the 19th c.
Gabriele Cristelli Linking foreign inventors to immigrant-census profiles

Gender — November 18, 2020

Çağatay Bircan Innovation and Gender Project
Alenka Guzman Women inventors in LDCs

History of Innovation — December 2, 2020

Mike Andrews Identifying Patentees through U.S. History by Linking Patent Records to FamilySearch

Dan Gross Research on historical innovation with archival and other non-USPTO data sources

Tania Babina A Measure of Technological Entrepreneurship over the Past 200 Years

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